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You imagine, we develop. Get the opportuiniy to put your business and industry in the frontier with our very efficient and scalable software solutions. Allow us bring to life your great ideas, dreams and vision. We are fast, we prioritize Security and We are reliable

Timely Development, Deployment and support

At Fiber swift, our team makes constant effort to ensure our deployed solutions work optimaly and free of down times, our support team is always available

the importance of scalability and performance can never be over rated when dealing with your business, we ensure that these factors are prioritized throughout the development period

Business data and information are never to be toiled with, At Fiber swift, we pass our products through rigorous and extreme security tests, to ensure they are ready and reliable to withstand any penetration that would ever come at them

Our Services

we offer lots of services targetted at making sure you dont lack any form of technical support, required for your business to improve. We got you completely covered.


website development

Giving your business and brand the perfect online image it deserves, utimately improving your brand visibility


Tech Education

Get equipped with the right skills that will make you adapt easily to the ever changing business world.


Search Engine Optimization

Increase your business and websites visibility. Make your prospective customers find you easier and faster.


Mobile App Development

Cross Platform mobile application development that will improve your customer experience.


Data Science & Analysis

Lets handle your data management and analysis.The growth of business depends on how well it can make use of its data.


Custom Software Development

You have an idea you want to bring to life? Be it a hobby, a million dollar idea or a moon shot, we got you covered.

Our Features

Apart from our core features of performance and scalability, we implore industry standard methodologies towards product design and implementation that puts our clients in the fore front of emerging business issues


It can be very difficult to deal with the pressures for fresh, new and creative ideas, but there’s absolutely no need to panic with Fiber swift. We are home to tons of novel ideas, many of which we can customize specially to suit your business model as well as build unique high performing software products that would give your business better competitive advantage, impact performance and increase profitability. Bringing to life, novel and better approach to problem solving is the core of our activities at Fiber swift,


Business Support

As the necessity to expand increases with business engagement; management, accuracy, speed, analytic tracking and more are sure to get overwhelming and tedious. We understand this at Fibreswift, and that is why we deliver efficient solutions capable of optimizing these internal operations in order to accelerate business growth. Our team of well trained and experienced analysts are always available to closely work with you as levers to bring your business growth vision to realization. We believe in your business as much as you do. Trust us to help you achieve all your business goals.

Cost Efficiency

At Fibreswift, we are not only quality driven to providing your business with high performance software solutions but we also offer you unbeatable budget friendly plans. Irrespective of business size and software functionality, as our client you enjoy a wide range of our products on all plans at fair rates.


Industry and Business focused technological ideas, solutions and implementation

We at Fiber swift, drive at the most efficient and sustainable strategies to elevate your business and industry though scalable, budget-friendly and new technological solutions

We turn your vision to reality

We at Fiber swift believes everyone is entitled to a vision, a dream, a goal. We are very focused on making sure that design complexities or technical know-hows do not stop you from achieving all you envision. Allow us handle the complexities of your new ideas.Never stop imagining, We will never stop developing.


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Our Mission & Vision

To offer you the technical backup for you to materialize your dreams and ideas

Our Portfolio

Experience they say, "teaches best". We only get better as we keep solving problems. This has been one of our major strengths. Our porfolio spans multiple categories ranging from web applications, social media chat bots, social media applications, mobile applications, multi functional scripts, business and staff management applications, and so on

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